14 July 2020

The most powerful little pepper

Once upon a time there was a magical land from where the prince of herbs sprang. This fertile paradise, called Kingdom of Cambodia, provided the largest gastronomic tables in fine pepper, the finest, Kampot pepper.

Then a dark war threw this national treasure into oblivion. When the light of peace shines again, vigorous nature, aided by collective memory, resumes producing the quintessence of pepper. Thus, the legendary Kampot pepper shakers survived and made many epicureans happy.

Fleur d´olive is proud to participate in this great story, making a tangible contribution to the sustainability of the pepper culture in Kampot. We buy directly from producers and thus support farms in their efforts to achieve local success.

The terroir and traditional know-how are supported by the meticulous care taken at each stage of production, thus helping to preserve the freshness and incomparable aromas of Kampot pepper Olive Flower.

Our promise: a unique and authentic product, organically grown, Cambodian and European certifications (AOC-IGP-KPPA) with lot number and expiration date. An exceptional fine product to discover.